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About RECO Uganda

Rakai Environmental Conservation Programme (RECO) is a rural based not for profit community initiative started in 2010 and registered in 2011 as a Community Based Organization in Rakai and Kyotera Districts Local Governments. It has since grown through working with and serving the communities of Rakai and Kyotera districts in regards to addressing agricultural and environmental challenges hindering the development of the communities. RECO also works with Rakai Communities to find community-based solutions to cross cutting issues like health, poverty, unemployment, gender issues among others that directly or indirectly affect environmental conservation, and agricultural production. RECO has worked extensively with small scale farmers, women, vulnerable children, disadvantaged youths, poor people, and welcome partners that share RECO’s vision.

RECO’s sectors of intervention include: Environment and conservation, Agriculture improvement, Research, Poverty alleviation and cross-cutting initiatives.

RECO’s Vision

A developed world, free from environmental degradation and hunger

RECO’s Mission

Empowering Rakai region communities and institutions to effectively address environmental and agricultural challenges through sustainable environmental conservation and agricultural improvement programs

RECO’s Goal

To improve the quality of life of Rakai region communities through sustainable environmental conservation and agricultural improvement programs

Support Our Work

RECO Uganda uses your generous donations to fund projects channeled towards supporting local communities through Environmental Conservation, Agriculture improvement, and other initiatives to enable them become self-reliant and at the same time become better environmentalists in the community.

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