Our Role

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RECO’s role:

As a not for profit non-partisan organization operating in Rakai region communities since 2011, RECO has a great experience working in local communities. RECO’s office is situated within Rakai region, and teams speak the commonly spoken local language. Over the years, RECO has built and nurtured a strong trust relationship with the local communities. RECO knows and continues to learn more about the local context and culture in Rakai region communities and over the years RECO has accumulated a wealth of information regarding the local issues. Because RECO team’s regular interactions with the community members supplemented with regular planning meetings with native population, RECO has a unique and important insight into the challenges and opportunities. RECO has established and continues to build on its existing local networks which ensure success of projects. And as a learning organization, RECO monitors and evaluates its activities for continuous improvement. 

RECO promote sustainable community development in Rakai and Kyotera districts. RECO reaches out to the vulnerable, the poor, and remote communities and mobilize the population in these communities. Through collaborations, support and partnerships, RECO works with these populations to regain control of their lives through efficiently implemented projects.

Basing on needs assessment, RECO contributes to community development through:

1) sensitization & training;
2) Dialogue meetings and advocacy;
3) Formation and strengthening of structures;
4) Use of community based structures;
5) Documentation;
6) Outreaches;
7) Collaboration and networking;
8) Linkage;
9) increasing beneficiaries’ access to income and productive resources.

Support Our Work

RECO Uganda uses your generous donations to fund projects channeled towards supporting local communities through Environmental Conservation, Agriculture improvement, and other initiatives to enable them become self-reliant and at the same time become better environmentalists in the community.

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