COVID-19 Action

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Our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene program is now dedicated to COVID 19 action.

Hand washing

We promote hand washing among children, youth and entire community members at first as our Hand washing & Safe Water Promotion program but now most importantly as COVID-19 prevention measure. Few people know when they should wash their hands. Our trainings and awareness initiatives demonstrate correct hand washing (with soap and water) and washing before eating and after, playing outside, touching others, using the toilet and handling the garbage.

Wearing mask when in public

In line with government policy of wearing masks when in public, we are introducing a campaign and support where possible to ensure that people wear masks to prevent COVID 19. 

Social distancing

Let us keep Social Distance (CORONA Distance) to reduce chances of catching Corona Virus (Covid 19).

Support Our Work

RECO Uganda uses your generous donations to fund projects channeled towards supporting local communities through Environmental Conservation, Agriculture improvement, and other initiatives to enable them become self-reliant and at the same time become better environmentalists in the community.

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