Fruits Village Apiary

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Food security, food diversity, human nutrition and even food prices all rely strongly on pollination. Pollination is essential for the development of fruit, vegetables and seeds. Insects, some birds, bats and wind pollinate plants and trees in both agricultural and natural ecosystems. Bees are the leading pollinators. Yet bees are under stress from factors including habitat destruction and unsustainable agricultural practices. There is an opportunity for bee keeping (apiary) with multiple benefits in addition to pollination like honey, wax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and venom.

Currently we only harvest honey and we sell it.

Buy honey

Please contact us if you want to buy original honey while positively impacting our communities.

Adopt a bee hive

You can also adopt a bee hive at only 25 USD. When you adopt a bee hive, we install it for you in our communities. We continue sharing with you about what is happening with the bee hive and the continuous impact it is making in our communities.

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RECO Uganda uses your generous donations to fund projects channeled towards supporting local communities through Environmental Conservation, Agriculture improvement, and other initiatives to enable them become self-reliant and at the same time become better environmentalists in the community.

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